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Hundreds of people have already participated at Bazsalikomos Kert workshops. The workshop voucher is a perfect choice if you would like to surprise your loved ones with a truly unique and personalized gift.

INSPIRING women award

Thanks a lot for the support to my family, friends and followers of the Bazsalikomos Kert! There are a lot of tasks to be done this year to suit this title.

My products

Fresh from my garden. 

workshops for gastro lovers

Alkoss. Tanulj. Kóstolj.

Vidd haza. Oszd meg.​

Ízeletes és bio alapanyagok a Bazsalikomos Kertből. Jókedv, családias és baráti hangulat. Egyedileg megalkotott termékek saját magadnak vagy akár családodnak és barátaidnak. Ez a Bazsalikomos Kert workshop. 

Workshops for gastro lovers

Create. Learn. Taste.

Take it home. Share it.​

Tasty and organic ingredients from the Bazsalikomos Kert. Cheerfulness, family and friendly atmosphere. Uniquely created products for yourself or for your friends and family.

This is the Bazsalikomos Kert Workshop.



Traveling tea bar to your event

Unique. Tasty. Healthy.

Natural ingredients, selected herbs, teas, and dried fruits. Bazsalikomos Kert's treasures from the tea bar can be a special refreshment point at your event.

Read about the garden!

September 14, 2016

I love home made delicacies especially when I have the opportunitiy to get to know their story! I met a lovely girl on the 'kiskert' market, who made pesto with harmonious flavours that I could taste for hours. She told me how she made the pesto from several baskets of basil in her own kitchen while her little daughters were playing with her skirt, trying to get attention.

4 small producer, you should know about!

January 14, 2018

One of the most basic rules of a healthy lifestyle is to use fresh, high quality ingredients for your meals. It's not so easy to accomplish, because almost every fruit and vegetable can be found on the shelves of the mall, regardless of the season. It can be confusing, and we obviously go after what we know, love and got used to. But these products' vitamin and mineral content is very low!

Have you ever tried basil tea? Get to know it's creator!

November 09, 2016

The enthusiasm for basil, a magic garden and the leisure time with her baby created the brand that now offers more and more products to the intense flavour -loving audience. 

New gastronomic miracle: the flowers of salt

October 29, 2017

If you haven't heard about flowers of salt yet, it's time to taste it. Yes, you can't just smell it, but also eat it! They are premium quality salt-spice mixtures with colorful and naturally edible flowers. The blogger of PandArte introduces you to her favorite horticulturist girlfriend and the newest delicacies of the Bazsalikomos Garden.

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